Polyamide 6.6 TIMBRELLE®

Polyamide PA 6.6 filament yarns under the TIMBRELLE® trademark are available from dtex 14 to dtex 110 with up to 68 filaments - plyed,  friction textured or upon request also twisted. Special functional combinations are feasible. We also produce these qualities in raw white, package or dope dyed.

Polyamide (PA) 6.6 yarns under the TIMBRELLE® trademark:

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The chemical fibre PA 6.6, colloquial also called nylon, is made of hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid. This yarn consists of yarned plastic and provides strength, form stability and elasticity. Besides (PES) DIOLEN® TIMBRELLE® is TWD Fibres’ most popular brand. As well as our polyester yarns our polyamide 6.6 is developed, spun and further processed in our factory in Deggendorf, Bavaria. Here we have many different possibilities of texturing. Furthermore we have an in-house dyeing factory and laboratory. Feel free to choose your favourite colour from our broad range of stock colours.

PA 6.6 innovation by TWD Fibres

Thanks to extensive research we can constantly develop new polyamide yarns with innovative features. Corresponding to application in various textile products our polyamide yarns can be upgraded with different finishes and functions, just as our polyester. Good examples are the heat regulating THERMO yarn and the especially eudermic yarn ZINC ACTIVE. In addition functional finishes can be applied, that provide for instance an antimicrobial effect or stain-impregnation of the fibres. Because of its various characteristics PA 6.6 TIMBRELLE® is used in different textile application fields. On the one hand clothing, stockings and medical textiles are made of polyamide, on the other hand the fibre is also used in the technical sector. Certainly you will find the perfect polyamide for your textile product at TWD Fibres.

05. 08. 2022

TWD Fibres trainee with good results

We are always pleased when our apprentices can show success.

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02. 08. 2022

TWD Fibres donates to Kreisjugendring Deggendorf

TWD Fibres donates materials for KJR county youth ring summer camps.

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