Because of malecular reorganization, hydro-fixed DIOLEN®SUPERCLEAN Polyester yarns with their improved dimension- and low shrinkage stability, are applied in multiaxial fabrics. Suitable as sewing thread in non-crimp fabrics (NCF) out of carbon and glass fibre to improve adhesion and dimension stability.

The use of special reviving agents in yarn production, guarantees compatibility with various resin systems. Also available as dyed yarn as marking thread. Low-shrink properties (HLS) ensures outstanding dimension stability.


  • Minimum Shrinkage
  • Virtually No Crimp
  • Minimum Oil Level
  • Superior Quality in NCF
  • Minimized Risks
  • Individual character:

  •  Improved dimension- and low shrinkage stability
  •  Higher adhesion and dimension stability
  • Best for:

    Aerospace Industry
    Wind Power Industry
    Sports Industry
    Automotive Manufacturing
    Ship Building





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    Antibacterial Yarns

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