Polyester (PES) yarns under the DIOLEN® trademark are available from dtex 33 to 334 with up to 288 filaments – plyed, air-jet or friction textured, crinkle textured or upon request also twisted. We operate one of the largest dye houses in Europe.

Our yarns are not only available in various yarn counts, but equipped with different functional features according to the application field, Those functional features may also be called up in combination. We produce in raw white, package or dope-dyed.

Polyester (PES) yarns under the DIOLEN® trademark:

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Polyester for different fields of application

Of course our polyester yarns are 100% produced at our main location in Deggendorf and can be textured, coloured and equipped with finishes depending on your wish. Our customers use (PES) DIOLEN® for example in clothing textiles, bedding and underwear. Thanks to the different optional features it can also be used in sportswear and functional clothing. Twisted variants of the fibre are also perfectly suitable for home textiles, such as upholstery fabrics, and the automotive sector. DIOLEN® with an antibacterial finish is used for medical textiles amongst other things. We also offer extra environmentally friendly polyester made of recycled PET. PES fibres are very variable and we produce them according to your ideas and analogue to your favored field of application.

Why should you choose our polyester for your textiles?

The men-made fibre polyester was invented in the 1940s and gained popularity especially in the 70s. A lot has changed since then and polyester is used in variable textile fields of application as said above. Because of extensive advancements in the last years and decades polyester has many beneficial features nowadays. TWD Fibres offers for example stain-resistant, fast drying or antibacterial yarns. Why is (PES) DIOLEN® by TWD Fibres so special? While other textile companies shift their production facilities to other countries we traditionally produce our yarn in Germany. Of course we work with the latest modern technology and constantly develop new innovative products. Every operational step from product development to spinning, texturing, dyeing adding special features are carried out in our factory in Deggendorf, Bavaria. Therefore we save resources because of short transport routes and high environmental standards.

05. 08. 2022

TWD Fibres trainee with good results

We are always pleased when our apprentices can show success.

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02. 08. 2022

TWD Fibres donates to Kreisjugendring Deggendorf

TWD Fibres donates materials for KJR county youth ring summer camps.

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