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TIMBRELLE®THERMO and DIOLEN®THERMO are in-spired by nature Polyamide PA 6.6 and Polyesterhollow fibres made by TWD Fibres.

Various air pockets inside the fibre naturally regulates and protects the body from temperature variations.At the same time woven and knitted fabrics made of THERMO yarns are lighter than comparable fabrics made of common Polyamide PA 6.6 or Polyester.

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Combinable with:

  • ReCIRCLE - with 100% recycled PET granulate
  • HYGENIC - for long-lasting protection against bacteria & odours
  • SDF - highest colour quality with maximum environmental friendliness
  • FUNCTIONAL HYBRIDS - combined hybrid yarns
  • Individual character:

  • tear and abrasion resistant
  • low creasing
  • low moisture absorption
  • vivid play of colour
  • Best for:

    Sport & Functional Wear
    Underware, Functional Garments
    Stocking & Hoisery

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