Industrialblend - Function melange

TWDFibres® INDUSTRIALblend combines DIOLEN® Polyester yarn with TIMBRELLE® Polyamide 6.6 fine filament yarn. The combination of two provenances combines the best features of both materials and adds more flexibility and individuality to your collection.

Industrial applications require yarns with very specific, partly even heterogeneous characteristics. In many cases one yarn cannot meet these requirements. A combination of different yarn types, a Melange or Blend, are a good solution and our competence. As a fully integrated company for man-made fibres with all production stages in one location we can texture and twist combined different materials and characteristics. Therefore the final product has particular textile data and meets the specific demands of industrial fields of application.

INDUSTRIALblendMF - bonded fibre melange



DIOLEN®3D-Forming is a bicomponent yarn made of DIOLEN® polyester with a low melt component. This second component can be heat set in the further process of production. After being heat set, this composition leads to the textile fabric being stiffened and strengthened. This saves an extra step in the finishing process, such as laminating and the bonding of textile surfaces with functional surfaces in the finish, thereby ensuring economies in textile production.


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Polyester yarn is a universal yarn. Customers in the automobile of sports and functional sector often expect high elasticity. In many cases this elasticity is tried to reach by using spandex. Though there are numerous risks in using spandex: it is not UV-resistant, difficult to upgrade and little resistant to age. For this reason TWD Fibres developed a specific yarn mixture for major customers that has additional elasticity without the use of spandex.

INDUSTRIALblendCL - Cleaning melange



You might not necessarily see it when you look at them, but modern cleaning textiles mostly consist of several components processed in a complex way. At TWD Fibres they are given their own designation: INDUSTRIALblendCL. These different components take on different functions in the end product. TWD Fibres’ DIOLEN® polyester and TIMBRELLE® polyamide 6.6 yarns for use in cleaning textiles show high chemical and mechanical durability, even in high temperatures. This not only increases the lifetime of the end product per se but is also crucial for washing the cleaning textile hygienically at 60°C or 95°C.

05. 08. 2022

TWD Fibres trainee with good results

We are always pleased when our apprentices can show success.

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02. 08. 2022

TWD Fibres donates to Kreisjugendring Deggendorf

TWD Fibres donates materials for KJR county youth ring summer camps.

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