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Silver ions permanently embedded in the polymer provide lasting protection against bacteria, allergens and germs and avoid unpleasant odours. Textiles made from TIMBRELLE®HYGENIC Polyamide 6.6 and DIOLEN®HYGENIC Polyester yarnsare machine-washable and lastingly effective.

Released silver ions affect the molecular structure of micro- organisms. They impede the necessary metabolism or interrupt the cell division process of bacteria. This explains the wide spectrum of antibacterial activity. Even in the warm and humid environment between skin and clothes, while doing sports or labourintensive work, bacteria are hardly able to reproduce and related odours never happen. Same effects apply in all other warm and humid environments like they can occur in cleaning textiles, mattress ticking or certain technical applications

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  • antimicrobial & antiseptic
  • Odour neutralising
  • Protection against: bacteria. allergens and germs
  • Qualitys:

  • Lastingly effective
  • Machine-washable
  • Best for:

    Sport & Functional Ware
    Underware & Functional Garments
     Work clothing   
     Medical sector 
     Textiles for wellness and spa facilities
     Home textiles and household textiles
     Technical applications  





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