Costumers today expect always a little more... A little more in functionality. More in moisture mangement, more hygiene, more comfort, … A single yarn is mostly not enough to fulfill these requirements. Reason enough to develop a programm of TWD Fibres yarns to meet costumers desires.

FUNCTIONAL HYBRIDS combine product properties of two functional yarns for best possible blends of yarn and fabric. Our selection is your initial position to meet your costumers requirements.

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In combination with Polyester:

  • Soft Athletic: Smartdry & Silktouch
  • Athletic Fresh: Hygenic & Smartdry
  • Soft Thermo: Thermo & Silktouch


    10. 07. 2019

    ITMA Barcelona 2019

    TWD Fibres yarns running on different machines

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    04. 06. 2019

    TWD Fibres goes TV

    BR film team at TWD Fibres

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