TWD Functionalities

Heat regulating and water repellent yarns for sportswear and functional clothing

Athletes have high requirements on their clothes. When you are outside doing outdoor activities you need water repellent functional clothing. A hiking jacket needs to protect you from a rain shower. Even the yarn must meet such ambitious requirements. TWD Fibres produces PES DIOLEN® and PA 6.6 TIMBRELLE® yarns that are equipped with a variety of functions and features. This is how our yarn is adjusted to your and your end customer’s needs.

Antimicrobial or recycled yarns, microfiber and more

Athletes and movement enthusiasts are not the only people who have specific requirements on textiles. Our antimicrobial fibres for example are developed especially for textile application in the medical sector and are used in this branch very often. This yarn effectively protects against various bacteria and odours. In underwear, bedding and clothing microfibers are often asked for. Of course we are well placed in this sector as well and can meet our customers’ various requests. Feel free to contact us so we can find the perfect yarn for you together.

Recycling and environmental protection gain importance constantly, for companies as well as for end consumers. Different materials are collected and reprocessed, for example the raw material for polyester. Old PET-bottles are recycled to new granules that we can spin into polyester and further process in our factory. If you want to put a sign for sustainability gain trust, get informed about our recycled yarn DIOLEN®ReCIRCLE.

Besides these different variants TWD Fibres offers numerous functionalities for your fabrics and textiles. No matter if you are searching for microfiber, recycled yarn, heat regulating or shiny qualities – at TWD Fibres you will find a broad range of chemical fibres. Fascinate your customers with functional materials.

23. 06. 2021

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