With DIOLEN®ReCIRCLE PES yarns Wear2wear partnership

Closing the textile loop

May 2018 Under the initiative of “wear2wear” five European companies started a lifecycle system for functional clothing textiles. The firms in the “wear2wear” cooperation cover the entire recycling circle for 100 % recycled, recyclable and PFC-free functional fabrics and thus for high-quality, responsible clothing.

TWD Fibres GmbH recently joined this partnership. TWD Fibres plays with its DIOLEN®ReCIRCLE Polyester yarns a key role in this partnership. DIOLEN®ReCIRCLE Polyester yarns are a 100 % out of recycled PET bottles.

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27. 04. 2020

Antibacterial Yarns

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07. 04. 2020

5 reasons for recycled polyester

Press Report TWD Fibres

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