Antimony in Mattress Covering

The yarn producer TWD Fibres informs

August 2016 Antimony is a natural element that occurs in a very low concentration and it is an integral part of many textile products out of Polyester materials. It is also an integral part of most PET beverage bottles as well as other synthetic packaging materials. Caused by a recently launched article in German daily press antimony and its health effects are currently highlighted in public. Polyester yarns are especially used for mattress ticking textiles. They are highly abrasion resistant, very easy to clean and handle. But there are also alternative, antimony free Polyester yarns available with the same product properties. One example are the so branded DIOLEN®HYPOALLERGENIC yarns made by TWD Fibres GmbH.


Further details about health effects caused by antimony and our antimony free alternative are available at the Link beside

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