Dyed Yarns

Our yarns are available in raw white and dope-dyed or package dyed. Thanks to our large recipe databases, we can meet virtually any colour requirement our customer may have.


With an annual dope dyeing capacity of around 3,500 tonnes of PES textured yarn and a database containing recipes for some 500 different shades, we can meet virtually any colour requirement our customer may have. The customer's colours are measured, formulated and filed in our in-house laboratory. Using our test spinning unit, we are immediately able to process and visualise the colours required by the customer. Your benefits: you get all the colour management processes from a single source. We follow your projects through - from the initial colour concept to series production.

Sample production:

  • own masterbatch production
  • various test spinning units for the production of dope dyeing colours

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With an annual package dyeing capacity of over 5,000 tonnes and a recipe database containing up to 15,000 shades TWD is market leader in Europe when it comes to dyeing polyester and polyamide 6.6 yarns. On an average we carry out around 2,000 colour samplings per year. Our state-of-the-art colour laboratory calculates recipes and dyestuff dosing fully automatically, allowing custom colour requests to be matched in a very short time. We make sure that our dyeing processes are as sustainable as possible with modern technology by using lean, environmentally friendly processes. An especially low-oligomer process and the use of environmentally friendly chemicals ensure the enhanced running properties of our polyester yarns and a higher product quality.

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08. 09. 2022

New record for the start of training at TWD Fibres

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TWD Fibres trainee with good results

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