Medical sector

TWD Fibres is a development partner for manufacturers of compression articles, bandages and dressings, in filter technology and concerning clinical products. Textiles made of our yarns are highly colourfast and withstand countless washing cycles. Yarns with an additional antimicrobial function retard the growth of allergens, bacteria and germs and therefore contribute to increased hygiene.

Special yarns for your application:

Antimicrobial - HYGENIC
Microfine - SILKTOUCH
Antimony free - HYPOALLERGENIC
Recycled PES - ReCIRCLE
Funktion melange - INDUSTRIALblend
 Moisture transporting - SMARTDRY
 Flexible - FLEX 
Thermoregulating - THERMO



Our DIOLEN® Polyester and TIMBRELLE® Polyamide 6.6 yarns in the HE variant with strong curling and good rebound behaviour are often used for manufacturing high-quality bandages, lymph pads and seamless articles. 

Our in-house textile lab ensures that the agreed specification parameters are upheld with every production. Flexible lot sizes, individual colour combinations in package dye and dope dye due to our dyeing lab and a wide range of yarns with additional functions mean that we are a partner for leading brands.



Our DIOLEN® Polyester yarns ensure an optimised blood flow rate through the membrane bundle in dialysis filter systems. High quality parameters concerning dimensional stability and purity also permit their use in human medicine applications. The specific design of the threaded spools and bobbins ensures that they can then be smoothly assimilated into spacer systems when used in dialysis filters, for example.

Wound dressing


Highly elastic DIOLEN® Polyester and TIMBRELLE® Polyamide 6.6 yarns make us the right partner for manufacturing wound dressings. Flexible configuration of lot quantities and our skill in the area of package-dyed yarns, also in combination with water-repellent and / or antimicrobial properties for titre ranges dtex 110 to dtex 160, form the ideal starting point for versatile products.

05. 08. 2022

TWD Fibres trainee with good results

We are always pleased when our apprentices can show success.

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02. 08. 2022

TWD Fibres donates to Kreisjugendring Deggendorf

TWD Fibres donates materials for KJR county youth ring summer camps.

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