Home textiles

Whether for sun protection, shades or awnings, in upholstery and decorative fabrics, for seat covers in buses, trains or planes, our DIOLEN® Polyester and TIMBRELLE® PA 6.6 yarns are in great demand due to their multifunctionality. The functional yarns DIOLEN®HYPOALLERGENIC and DIOLEN®UV-RESISTANT can be used in versatile fields of application due to their complementary properties.

Special yarns for your application:

Antimicrobial - HYGENIC
Microfine - SILKTOUCH
 Flexible - FLEX 
Antimony free - HYPOALLERGENIC
Recycled PES - ReCIRCLE
Thermoregulating - THERMO
 Moisture transporting - SMARTDRY 
Inherent flame retardant - SAFE 



A broad product range consisting of different yarn counts is used in the mattress industry. We offer our customers yarns of different counts for use in ticking fabrics.

Our specially developed high-volume filling yarns provide good heat retention. There is also a selection of yarns with different additional functions – in raw white, package-dyed and solution dyed.


Curtain & Decoration


Our home textile customers appreciate our large variety of yarns and colours. Flexible lot configuration and a broad portfolio of Air Textured Taslan Yarns for heavy wear meet our customers’ daily challenges. All of our yarn qualities are also available as DIOLEN®SAFE inherently flame-retardant Polyester yarns for use in public or commercial buildings.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor textiles have to be robust, easy to care for and weatherproof - these properties are largely brought by the yarn used. Also the haptic no longer differs from the feel of the interior textiles - a question of the right yarn texturing.
Special spin additives and optional yarn finishes additionally increase the life and colour intensity of your outdoor textiles.



Furniture covers should correspond to the personal beauty sense, have a high level of quality and be harmless to your health. To meet these customer requirements, you need the right yarn partner. For the aesthetic feeling we offer a good development basis with our bath and spinneret dyed yarns. Our know-how in texturing also helps you to successfully master tests with high levels of scrubbing. Harmless to health is a matter of honor and is documented annually through our OekoTex Standard 100 certification.

Sun protection

Sun protection

Indoor and outdoor sun protection is a wide range of applications for our DIOLEN® polyester yarns. Our wide titer program offers the right yarns for translucent solutions and blackout fabrics. All yarn qualities are also available as inherently flame-retardant polyester yarns DIOLEN®SAFE for use in contract areas.

05. 08. 2022

TWD Fibres trainee with good results

We are always pleased when our apprentices can show success.

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02. 08. 2022

TWD Fibres donates to Kreisjugendring Deggendorf

TWD Fibres donates materials for KJR county youth ring summer camps.

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