5 reasons for recycled polyester

“Plastic waste is polluting the world’s oceans”, “Crude oil is a limited raw material” – headlines like these dominate the clothing and textile industry, and one thing is clear: sustainability has never been so in demand! There are many different approaches to moving in the direction of “green textiles” and therefore protecting the environment and the limited resources.

One option is to produce man-made fibres like polyester out of recycled materials. TWD Fibres has been treading this path for many years – with its bestseller DIOLEN®ReCIRCLE. Various questions keep on arising in connection with recycled textiles, and these require clarification. Answers to many of them are provided below and reasons given as to why it is worth putting your money on recycled polyester yarn, and especially on DIOLEN®ReCIRCLE.

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Gruende fuer Recycling Polyester TWD Fibres
27. 04. 2020

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07. 04. 2020

5 reasons for recycled polyester

Press Report TWD Fibres

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